Wineries use A LOT of hot water to make their wine sippy…and being a green winery has a proven record of appealing to consumers who prefer to purchase beverages from environmentally responsible wineries. Installing a Solar THERMAL System with an on demand hot water back up can help wineries save thousands. Below are just some of the hot water needs of wineries.  Heating that water with the sun is definitely the way to go because it will displace your use of propane or natural gas and reduce your expenses and carbon footprint.
  • Barrel Washing and Sterilization
  • Washing down of Facility Tanks, Equipment and Floors
  • Bottling Line/Bottle Sterilization Before Filling
  • Heating Barrel Storage Rooms
  • Sterile Cleansing (commercial dishwasher’s etc)
  • Domestic Hot Water Heating for Bathrooms, Kitchen, Labs and Tasting Room Sinks
  • Space Heating the Tasting Rooms
Here is a great article (albeit a bit older) about 2 wineries who went solar and why:  Solar Hot Water ~ A Cost Effective Solution for Wineries And while you are at it why not add a Solar PV system to your winery to offset the cost of electricity?  The savings plus all the incentives and rebates certainly make for a quick return on investment! ​Wineries benefit from many incentives also:


Breweries need hot water to brew their beer to perfection…Beer is 90+% water by weight.  Brewery cleaning and sanitation is essential to consistently great craft beer and also requires a healthy amount of clean, hot water.

Just like wineries, breweries use a significant amount of hot water and electricity to make their beer and keep things clean and sanitized.  Our Solar Thermal System can displace the propane, natural gas or electricity you use for heating water and our PV systems can offset your electricity bills to reduce your expenses and carbon footprint.

  • ​Kilning (electricity)
  • ​Mashing (hot water mash temperature may be raised to about 75–78 °C/167–172 °F)
  • Boiling
  • Space heating for fermentation
  • Washing down of Facility, Kettles, Tanks, etc.
  • Bottle Cleaning and Sterilization
  • ​Domestic Hot Water Heating for running facility and brewpub

Here is a great tutorial about how Solar Thermal can benefit a brewery.  The difference between the system Milwaukee Brewing Company used and ours system is our system uses evacuated tubes which collect UV Rays and can produce hot water even on cold cloudy days.

Breweries benefit from the same incentives as Wineries: