Wineries and Breweries Solar Benefits

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Wineries Wineries use A LOT of hot water to make their wine sippy…and being a green winery has a proven record of appealing to consumers who prefer to purchase beverages from environmentally responsible wineries. Installing a Solar THERMAL System with an on demand hot water back up can help wineries save thousands. Below are just some of the hot water […]

Federal Tax Credit Rebates

solar tax credits

Federal Tax Credits A taxpayer may claim a credit of 30% of qualified expenditures for a system that serves a dwelling unit located in the United States that is owned and used as a residence by the taxpayer. Expenditures with respect to the equipment are treated as made when the installation is completed. If the […]

Dairy And Poultry Farmers Solar Benefits

poultry farmers

Dairy Farmers f you are a dairy farmer you already know how much hot water you use… Pasteurization of Milk – In using Flash Pasteurization the milk is forced between metal plates or through pipes heated on the outside by hot water. If that water is heated with propane, natural gas or even an electric element it could cost […]