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Solar domestic hot water is generally step one of any solar thermal system. A tank full of hot water is the start to all of the other options available using solar thermal technology. Below is a diagram explaining how this technology works.

Our pool heating systems are one-of-a-kind in this area. The unglazed collectors typically seen on rooftops throughout Northern California have pool water actually circulating on your roof, yikes! Our systems use a much smaller space with evacuated tube collectors that produce much higher temperatures year ‘round. They circulate bio-glycol to a heat exchanger at your equipment location. With this type of system there is no pool water on your roof that could freeze and leak causing damage and costly repairs and maintenance.

Spa heating is a perfect match for a solar thermal system. It is a low temperature load, usually well insulated, that only periodically calls for heat to maintain a set temperature. Most spas use an electric heater that ranges from 4-7kw. That's like running 40-70 100 watt flood lights while heating, costing $45-125 per month or more to run. Our systems run perfectly with all manufacturer controls and fit nicely behind the pump access panel to maintain original appearance and control function. We pair our spa systems with domestic hot water for temperature buffering providing our customers with both benefits using one system.

NuSolar Technologies can convert your existing forced air heating system into a solar thermal driven hybrid by simply adding a heat exchanger to your furnace’s plenum. With the introduction of evacuated heat pipe collectors and their ability to produce high temperatures in cold winter months, we are able to get much higher solar fractions to the heating systems. This system is completely automated. When your thermostat calls for heat, the primary system turns on a pump which circulates solar hot water through the heat exchanger in your furnace, heating your house with the power of the sun. On dark, cloudy days, if the solar storage tank drops below heating temperatures, the pump is shut off and the furnace is allowed to run in normal mode.


NuSolar Technologies installs the most efficient solar thermal systems available using evacuated heat pipe collectors. One of our systems can provide solar domestic hot water, solar pool heating, solar spa heating, space heating (heat your house), radiant hydronic heating and more.

Our solar thermal collectors are able to produce hot water even on very cold and semi-cloudy days because they are heated by UV Rays rather than direct sunlight. We see collector temperatures as high as 115 degrees on dark rainy days, still bringing tank temperatures up enough to preheat your water in the tank so your backup heater hardly runs. We use these tubes to produce a surplus of hot water and then use that water to heat your house, your floors, pool, spa and domestic hot water for showers, dishes, etc) and for business owners any type of hot water needed can be heated this way. This can save you thousands in propane, natural gas and/or electricity. Can you imagine the surplus created in the summertime?

We have many systems to choose from all employing the highest quality most energy producing components on the market, ensuring years of maintenance free production. All collectors come with a 10 year warranty.

Our Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s UV rays rather than fossil fuels such as propane, natural gas, etc., to generate and concentrate heat. This heat can then be used for solar water-heating and that hot water can then be used in many many different ways.  Solar thermal systems differ from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which use the sun to generate electricity rather than heat.  

How a Solar Water-Heating System Works

  • Solar thermal collectors are erected in the area which has the best sun exposure possible at your home or business in order to absorb the greatest amount of solar energy.
  • Bio-Glycol is heated by the evacuated tubes by the sun and is then circulated through the the water heater using a closed loop heat exchange system and low energy pump station which keeps it moving. 
  • When users need hot water, the solar-heated water in the storage tank pre-heats the primary water-heating system and when pre-fed with the solar hot water, the boiler or water heater is either not activated, or activated for less time than if there were no solar hot water system.
  • Because the water is pre-heated by the sun, each month, homeowners pay a lower bill for the energy needed to heat water.

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  • Solar Pool Heating

  • Solar Spa Heating

  • Solar Space Heating

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