we save you money while reducing your carbon footprint and moving you closer to energy independence!


Our goal is to instantly save you money while helping you move closer towards energy independence. NuSolar Technologies is your complete solar solution.

NuSolar Technologies installs the most complete solar powered systems available. With the combination of photovoltaic panels and evacuated tube thermal collectors we are able to save you thousands on your gas and electric bills. By combining both of these solar technologies, we can heat and cool your home or business, heat your domestic hot water, heat your pool and spa, and provide power for your large appliances and everyday electric needs.

​In order to make sure you are getting the most for your money, we inspect for energy efficiency upgrades and/or fixes that can be performed to minimize the size of the system you require. We are here to make your home or business as efficient as possible in all areas and then build a solar powered system to maintain it. Our photovoltaic electric system feeds power into your house and banks overproduction with your utility provider. Our thermal system runs automatically, switching from generating domestic hot water, spa heating, space heating, and pool heating from the same high output UV driven collector array. You can’t get much more complete than that! Just sit back, enjoy and save.

CONTACT NICK:  530.613.5651 or Nick@NuSolarTechnologies.com

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